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With care and firm hands, an engineer checks out a pair of helical gears.

Always to the point…. this component is destined to become a hardened and tempered form tool. Material Tool Steel-T4.

Connecting Rod in bronze.

Connecting Rod in bronze. The seats are spherical.

Item 5 Title

Tensile test specimens conforming to ASTM.

Mechanical Crank. Alloy Steel. Hardened and Tempered.

Elements of a load bearing Chain Link. Application: Power Plant.

Miniscule dosing of mercury for tube light application.

Delicate profile sections of this hardened tool steel cam will ensure perfect time and motion.

Sliced and profiled, this hardened tool steel will head for a machine in its service as a cam.

Five precision parts are born from its rough origins.

Perfect match…these gears are in mesh.

Four start thread mating components.

Engraved dial. Equal indexation. Made on CNC machine.

Complex 3D cams, hardened, tempered and polished for delicate service.

Machine design for improvement. A concept study.